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Major funding bodies supporting our research


By supporting our research you also support the next generation of scientists who come to the CSC laboratory to train and study (Master students, PhD students and Postdocs). Their success is the laboratory success, and vice-versa; most importantly, it is yours.

We are therefore extremely thankful to all: foundations, private donations, the State, the EU, that support our research.

We strongly hope that our research will help better understand brain diseases, and that our discoveries will help the development of new therapeutic strategies aiming at neuroprotection.

Our supporters


AFM telethon (2019-2020)

Olav Thon (2017-2020)

Michael J. Fox Foundation (2016; 2018)

JPND (2016-2018)

Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare (2016-2018; 2019-2021)

Swedish Research Council (2016-2018)

Innovation Fund Denmark (2015-2020)

Stiftelsen Sven-Olof Jansons livsverk



Åhlens Stiftelse



Crafoordska stiftelsen

Jeanssons Stiftelse 

Åke Wiberg Stiftelse

Magnus Bergvalls stiftelse

Greta och Johan Kocks stiftelser 

Thorsten och Elsa Segerfalks stiftelse

Kungliga Fysiografiska Sällskapet

Thelma Zoégas


Hedlunds Stiftelse

Shaking Generation Foundation Sweden


We are always proud to acknowledge those who support our research, either in our scientific articles or in a specific slide of our presentations


laurent talk at NORDOC

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